Assessment and Monitoring

This initial assessment becomes the basis of a child's monitoring system that is updated throughout the year with parents receiving written and verbal reports. For most parents, this provides confirmation that their child is on track and changes are recognized; scaffolding for the next developmental steps can be planned.  If a concern is identified further assessment and referral can be provided. 

In addition to our learning programs, all parents are encouraged to participate in our Monitoring System and are supported to engage with their children in many fun-based activities at home and the school that will further enhance their child’s development. Relevant resources and information can be provided.


Family Services

Mental Health Support and Treatment. Through affiliations with on-site professionals in psychology, child psychiatry and social work, we offer access to other clinical services such as:

 - Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling
 - Psychiatric Consultation
 - Dyadic Parent-Child Therapies
 - Family Therapy

Additional Targeted Programs

A range of Specialized Services from professional providers trained in a number of disciplines who have extensive experience with young children are available on-site.  Through the initial assessment and on-going developmental screening that is part of our core services, there may be times when additional resources are needed to help a child reach his/her full potential.  We have affiliations with professionals in the following disciplines:

 - Speech and Language
 - Behavioral Therapy
 - Occupational Therapy
 - Play Therapy
 - Intensive Behavioural Intervention
 - Psychiatry

Individual Tutoring Services

One-on-one assistance for students who are: struggling to keep up with the class and/or interested in bettering their  knowledge in a specific subject. 

Our Customized Learning Program and Special Education Strategies offer subject-specific support and individual attention in order to help students:  improve study skills and self-confidence as well as learn effective organizational and time management skills. Students are able to work at their own pace and are taught according to their individual learning styles.

Gifted Learners:

Students who are highly motivated can benefit by working ahead in specific subject areas; we can help access advanced information and techniques in order to enrich their talents.
Special Education:
Students with any difficulties or special needs will benefit by working with competent, caring and patient teachers who understand the unique learning styles and needs of the students. We develop personalized curricula tailored to assist students with their educational needs. Our experience allows us to suggest alternative learning strategies, offer support at IPRC meetings and assist with IEPs.

*Contact the office for more information and costs of our individualized tutoring services.*