Junior & Senior Kindergarden
Our Kindergarden program is based specifically around the child's needs. This individualized and developmentally based curriculum is designed to optimize his/her unique learning style
This child-centred view is fun for both the child and parent and provides the foundation for personal programming, which addresses interrelated physical, intellectual, emotional and social developmental markers. Through our special focus programs, we consider the child’s:

           - Temperament
           - Preferred learning style
           - Attention and concentration
           - Gross and fine motor skills

           - Sensory integration and sense of self
           - Attachment to parents and caregivers
           - Capacity for play and imagination
           - Receptive and expressive language and    

            communication skills

Grades 1-8

A specialized approach offers children both individual and group-centred activities.  In addition to dynamic programming, children with a particular gift or interest - in music, art or athletics, for example - or those who may require extra support in a specific area may be included in one of our Special Focus Programs which provide additional play-based activities in specific areas.

Our individualized and developmentally based curriculum  includes the following subjects:

           - Language Arts
           - Mathematics
           - French
           - Science and Technology
           - Social Studies (History and Geography)
           - Music and Drama
           - Visual Arts and Dance
           - Library Studies
           - Physical Education (Health)
           - Field Trips

Through all our various programs we consider and support all students including; gifted, ESL and students with mild special needs. Students with a particular gift or interest, or those who may require extra support in a specific area an opportunity to be included in our Special Focus Program. These indiviual and small group experiences provide additional activities in specific areas.