"If a child can't learn the way we teach,
        maybe we should teach the way they learn."                                                                       - Ignacio Estrada
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What is mindwerx4kids?
Our mindwerx4kids model is designed to personalize education with programming that is dedicated to nurturing interests, learning styles and talents. We aim to provide a learning environment planned with a specific child in mind; to encourage motivation and increase skills across various subject areas and through a variety of activities. 

Our aim is for our students to develop into creative, well-rounded scholars who are able to achieve their full potential. It is a unique setting for children grades Kindergarten to Grade 8.

We are highly focused on understanding each child's specific characteristics. Using a variety of standardized assessment tools, we use this data to construct a learning program to optimize development while ensuring that activities in our low-ratio classrooms are interesting, fun and exceed educational standards.

Why mindwerx4kids?

Due to our individalized programs and student to teacher
 ratio, we are able to better support:
           - A positive foundation & se
lf esteem
           - Planning & p
- Emotion regulation and behavioural control
           - Self-regulation and self discipline

           - A sense of conscience and social competence 
           - Empathy and caring behaviour
           - Personal interests

For most parents, our annual psychoeducational assessments provide confirmation that their child is on track as well as the next developmental steps to their IEP. If a concern is identified, further assessment and referral can be provided.

Our multidisciplinary team includes: psychology, psychiatry, speech/language specialists , occupational and behavioural therapists as well as Ontario Certified Teachers who can offer professional services on-site.
About mindwerx4kids

The school began as an early learning Centre in 2006 and  expanded as a co-educational day school for grades 1 - 8 in 2011. We are a non-profit organization and are registered with the ministry of education. We are also a member of the Ontario Federation os Independent Schools (OFIS).

We provide an enriched age-appropriate program with an individualized learning approach. Standardized assessments and academic evaluations occur regularly to review and update each students's program plan, optimize their development and maximize potential. Generally this includes an annual psychoeducational assessment and other relevant measures. We try to make those fun for the kids and interviews and written reports are routinely provided.