Day School
Ministry of Education approved primary grades (JK to 8)

Specifically for Children:  Individualized and Developmentally Based Curriculum

Every young child who comes to mindwerx4kids benefits from an individualized program based on their own current developmental profile which is designed to optimize his/her unique learning style.  This child-centred review is fun for both the child and parent and provides the foundation for personal programming, which addresses interrelated physical, intellectual, emotional and social developmental markers. Through our infant/toddler nursery school and special focus programs we consider and support:

·The particular child’s temperament and preferred learning style
·Their attention and concentration
·Gross and fine motor skills, sensory integration and sense of               body self
·The child’s attachment to parents and caregivers
·The child’s capacity for play and imagination
·Receptive and expressive language and communication
·Laying a positive foundation for the child’s sense of self esteem
·Emotion regulation and gradually increasing behavioural control
·The child’s self-regulation, budding self discipline and sense of            conscience
·The child’s capacity for planning and problem-solving
·Their developing social competence, empathy and caring                     behaviour
·The child’s personal interests

Parent/Child Involvement in the Day School

Each child is assigned to a particular caregiver/teacher who is responsible for his/her program. Group sizes are kept to a minimum. All children receive services that are supervised by a highly trained Child Psychologist who will update and adapt program requirements as needed.  Fully supervised specialists in Early Childhood Education also include family and cultural values into the child’s normalized routines.  Infant Mental Health Specialists are also on staff at mindwerx4kids.

A specialized approach offers children both individual and group-centred activities.  In addition to dynamic programming, children with a particular gift or interest - in music, art or athletics, for example - or those who may require extra support in a specific area may be included in one of our Special Focus Programs which provide additional play-based activities in specific areas.

Parents are encouraged to participate, as much and as frequently as possible in their child’s experience at mindwerx4kids.  We consider the care of children who come to mindwerx4kids to be a privilege and responsibility that can only be undertaken in ongoing partnership with families. For parents who are putting their child into the full or half/day infant/preschool program, we make integration as gradual as possible encouraging the parent to stay with the child awhile longer at the beginning to allow a positive transition. 

Family Services
Mental Health Counselling and Treatment

At certain locations only, and through affiliations with on-site professionals in psychology, child psychiatry and social work,
mindwerx4kids offers access to other clinical services such as:

Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling
Psychiatric Consultation
Dyadic Parent-Child Therapies
Marriage and Couples Counselling
Family Therapy

Additional Targeted Programs
Specialized Services for Children

A range of services from professional providers trained in a number of disciplines who have extensive experience with young children are available on-site.  Through the initial assessment and on-going developmental screening that is part of our core services, there may be times when additional resources are needed to help a child reach his/her full potential.  mindwerx4kids has affiliations with professionals in the following disciplines:

·Dental and Oral Health
·Infant Massage
·Occupational Therapy
·Speech and Language

Assessment and Monitoring

For Parents and Children:  Encouraging Positive and Healthy Experiences Through Individual Infant Monitoring

This initial assessment becomes the basis of an infant/child monitoring system that is updated throughout the year with parents receiving written and verbal reports. For most parents, this provides a welcome confirmation that their child is on track and as changes are recognized, scaffolding for the next developmental steps can be planned.  If a concern is identified further assessment and referral can be provided. 

In addition to our full and half-day early learning programs, all parents at mindwerx4kids are encouraged to participate in our Infant Monitoring System and are supported from their infant’s birth through senior kindergarten to engage with their children in many fun-based activities at home and the Nursery School that will further enhance their child’s development. Relevant resources and information are provided.